What is yurtholidays.co.uk?

It’s a website that allows yurt, tipi and glampsite owners in the UK to promote their holidays. You can easily search through these holiday sites and find your next holiday destination.

Do I book my holiday through yurtholidays.co.uk?

No, contact details are provided for each place information about how to book is added by the owners. You simply contact them using any method you wish – phone, email or carrier pigeon. There is also a link through to their website, should you want more information. Rest assured that you don’t pay any kind of booking fee if you find a glampsite via this website. It would be really nice if you mentioned yurtholidays.co.uk when booking though, it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are helping us to help you.

There are other websites that advertise yurt and tipi holidays, why did you start this one?

Many years ago, we tried to start our own yurt holiday business because we love the outdoors, camping (and glamping!) and wanted to create our own special little place that people visited. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t find a suitable site with our meagre budget and so we had to give up on our dream (at least for the timebeing) and get ‘normal’ jobs instead. Yes, I’m sobbing as I write this. But it’s not all bad news, because during that time I bought this website for the business and had the idea that it should be put to good use promoting all the other special yurt, tipi, cabin, hut and camping pod holidays around the UK.

What makes yurtholidays.co.uk better than other directory sites?

Well, for starters, its totally independent – not backed by any large media firm and we don’t get our advertisers to jump through hoops to get listed on our site (it can take as little as 15 minutes for them to get their own page on the site) . We don’t carry out inspections or suggest how they run their business. We believe they are the experts in their field (pun intended), and we allow any kind of quirky holiday site to have their own presence on the website – and at a cheaper rate than anyone else.

The website also enables people to find sites based on useful features, like open fires, pet friendly, whole site bookings and lots more – just look at the search panel on the right for all the options. Plus, the website can show these sites on a map which is useful if you want to explore new parts of the UK. It’s mobile and tablet friendly and we think its fun and looks kinda cool too, but we are bound to say that.

Why aren’t there many places listed on your website?

Well, we had to start somewhere so please be patient while we work hard to increase the number of places listed on the website. There are more and more yurt holidays being launched across the UK and it’s harder than ever for the smaller sites to promote themselves easily, and even more difficult for the holidaymaker to discover all the different locations, which is why we started the site. You can help by spreading the word about yurtholidays on social media or by simply telling other people about it. You can share the holiday sites that you find on facebook or twitter, directly from this website.